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Thursday, September 30th 2010

7:06 AM

IntlMOVE - Doing Business Overseas



When you start a new job overseas, there are many tips you can utilize from IntlMOVE LLC.

IntlMOVE LLC has helped many people move overseas by shipping their household goods.

These tips for doing business overseas should help you start out on the right foot with your new job overseas.



Communication is not just about speaking the language.

Before you move overseas, you should learn the language of your new country.

Your language skills will improve daily as you have to use the new language to communicate in your new country.

You also need to be aware of non-verbal communication when you move overseas.

Research what gestures or actions are considered offensive so you don’t run the risk of offending anybody.


Some cultures value their space, while other cultures leave very little space between one another when talking or interacting.

If you are used to more space, you should not back up as this might be considered rude.


Eye contact can be extremely important when interacting, while in some countries this gesture can be offensive.

In some cultures, like Mexico, it is very important to make eye contact when toasting.



Before your first business meeting overseas, find out what is customary to greet a new business acquaintance.

You can do this by researching this information online or by utilizing an online expat resource group.


In some Asian countries, business associates will bow to one another.

However, they expect their Western business associates to shake hands.

Most cultures will shake hands when greeting, but you won’t want to make a mistake by assuming this is customary around the world.


You will also need to know if you address your new business associates formally.

There might be specific titles you need to use or it is possible that some people want to be addressed using their surnames.

Different cultures are more casual, while some cultures still practice business using formal titles.

You need to know what is considered appropriate in your new country.



Most entertaining will take place at hotels or restaurants.

However, in some cultures you might be invited into your business associate’s home.

In all cultures, you are expected to bring a gift to show your gratitude.


Learn when you should pay the bill, bring gifts and the appropriate behavior.


In most cases, if you invite guests, you should pick up the bill.

If you are invited to a business outing, you will most likely be paid for.

However, make sure you are following your new country’s customs before assuming anything.



Negotiations can be the toughest thing to learn when doing intercultural business.

Some countries take a very long time to negotiate new business deals, while other countries move forward quickly.

You also need to be aware if business presentations need to be more fact-based or relationship-based.

Some countries want you to be upfront, while other cultures may see this as being overbearing.

There are many resources online that can help you get detailed information about the country you are relocating to for your new job.


When you move overseas to start a new career, you can trust IntlMOVE LLC to be a reliable international moving company.




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Tuesday, September 28th 2010

11:59 AM

Moving to Ireland with IntlMOVE and Temple Bar

When moving to Ireland with IntlMOVE, you will definitely want to visit Temple Bar.
Temple Bar is a popular place that locals like to go, but it also a popular place for tourists.
This area in Ireland is located in Dublin off of the River Liffey.
It is located between the Bank of Ireland and Christ Church Cathedral.
Temple Bar still has its medieval charm and is known as “Dublin’s cultural quarter.”
The streets are line with cobblestone to give it a real old world feel.
There are a number of bars, restaurants, unique shops and cultural buildings that make up Temple Bar.
The estimated population is about 3,000.
The name of the area likely comes from the Temple family, who lived there in the 17th century.
It could also be named after the Temple Bar in London, but nobody is exactly sure.

A map from 1673 has the earliest reference to Temple Bar.
The area in Dublin has many events that took place that are deemed historically important.
Handel’s Messiah was first performed on April 13, 1742 on Fishamble Street.
This performance is now held annually on the same date.
The political group, the Society of the United Irishmen, was founded in Temple Bar on Eustace Street in 1791.
If you are a history buff, you will see that there are a lot of great things that happened at Temple Bar.
In the 1800s, Temple Bar lost is popularity. The city’s structures declined in the 1900s and it was a very unpopular part of Dublin.

In the 1991, the Irish government set up a non-profit company to help restore the area.
The Temple Bar Properties is the name of the non-profit company that has helped Temple Bar come back to life.
The nightlife in Temple Bar can be a little out of control.
There are many great pubs to watch sports or just hang out with friends.
There are also some clubs, which are fun for the younger crowds who enjoy dancing.
Some of the favorite pubs are the Turk’s Head, the Porterhouse, the Quays Bar and Eamonn Doran’s. Restaurants are also a big part of the success of the Temple Bar.
Temple Bar isn’t all about the nightlife though.
The Irish Photography Centre, the Irish Film Institute and the Temple Bar Music Centre are located here.
There is also the Ark Children’s Cultural Centre, the Arthouse Multimedia Centre, the Projects Arts Centre, the Gaiety School of Acting, the Irish Stock Exchange and much more.
If you are an avid reader, the Temple Bar Book Market takes place every weekend in Temple Bar Square.
You can watch movies outside at Meetinghouse Square in the warm summer months.
Every Saturday, there is a fashion and design market for all the fashionistas on Cow’s Lane.

No matter what you like to do, you will be sure to find something at Temple Bar.
Although a lot of the nightlife caters to tourists, there are many activities that take place here that attract the locals.

When you are ready to move to Ireland and visit Temple Bar, contact IntlMOVE for your international shipping needs.

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Sunday, September 19th 2010

4:12 AM

Moving to North Yorkshire, England with IntlMOVE and Children’s Activities

IntlMOVE can help your family when you family is moving overseas.
When you move to North Yorkshire, England, you will find so many fun activities for your children to enjoy.
IntlMOVE has put together a list of places you can visit with your children that are family friendly.

Creepy Crawlies Adventure Playsite
This large indoor facility is a great place for your kids to get some exercise and enjoy time with other children.
The playsite has many indoor activities for your kids.
There are games, sports, food and many other adventures for your kids to explore.

Go Ape
Do you want to play on a tree top adventure? Chances are your kids will not want to turn down the opportunity to climb rope ladders and swing on giant ropes.
Explore all the fun that Go Ape has to offer.

Mini Monsterz
This indoor play area has arts, crafts and great indoor activities. There are even separate areas for babies and toddlers to play if you have younger children.
If your kids like mini-golf, there is a course for everyone to enjoy! Food, fun and four levels of play areas for your kids to enjoy are all part of Mini Monsterz.

Mungle Jungle Indoor Soft Play Centre
If you have younger children at home, the Mungle Jungle Indoor Soft Play Centre is perfect for the little ones.
This play area was designed for children 10 and under so it was built with care.
There is even an area for children under 5 years of age, so you know your kids will have a good time. There are slides, a pool filled with balls, bouncy playthings and much more!

Playzone Indoor Playcentre
There will be many days that are rainy and cold and your family will not be able to enjoy the great outdoors.
The Playzone Indoor Playcentre is a great way to combat the cold by providing a fun place for your kids to run and play indoors.
Your children can enjoy a climbing wall, slides, pools of balls and many more activities.
There is free parking and party rooms available if you want to celebrate any special occasions.
There is 11,000 square feet of fun for your family to enjoy.
When you get hungry, there is even a restaurant in the building to grab some food.

If you want to spend a little time outside with your family, you can visit Quadventures.
There are driving buggies available for everyone over 6 years of age to explore the off-road driving attraction.
Birthday parties can be extra special when celebrated at this attraction.

Scarborough Play Zone
This facility is one of the largest indoor play areas in North Yorkshire.
There are four big slides, a climbing wall, games, soccer and many more things to do.
All kids 12 and under are welcome to enjoy this one-of-a-kind facility.

York Maize
There are over 1.5 million maize plants that make this attraction amazing.
The maize was cultivated and designed to make a maze for your little explorers.
This is one of the largest mazes in the world!
York Maize is a great place for your family to enjoy the fresh air on sunny days in England.

When you move to North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, you will find that there are many family-friendly venues.

IntlMOVE wants your family’s international move to be successful, so let IntlMOVE ship your household goods to England.

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Sunday, September 12th 2010

12:06 PM

Moving to India with IntlMOVE and Fishing

When you move to India with IntlMOVE, the international move will open up doors to new adventures.

If you are an avid fisher, you will be able to practice your favorite sport in new waters!

The best months for fishing in your new country are May through September.

Different parts of India will provide you with different fishing experiences.

If you live inland, you will be fishing for freshwater fish.

If you live near the coasts, you will be able to fish for freshwater and saltwater fish.

There are many places you can visit when you move to India that will provide you with a first-class fishing experience.


The freshwater fish, found in rivers, lakes and streams are plentiful.

You can find fish such as trout, bass and even sharks.

Masheer are also fish that you will find in India.

In fact, India is the only breeding ground in the world for this type of fish.


The Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal provide many opportunities for the saltwater fisherman.

Sailfish, tuna, marlin and tarpon are all present and are found quite easily off the coasts of India.

If you do not have your own boat when you move to India, there are many sport fishing tours that you can take.

These tours are relatively inexpensive, so you can make this a regular weekend activity if it is something that you enjoy.


Whether you are out to catch fish or just catch and release fish, you will find that India is a fisherman’s paradise.

There are many great areas to fish throughout India.

Some favorite fishing destinations in India include Himalayan Valleys, Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Assam.

Kashmir Valley has spring fed rivers and lakes that make it very easy to catch fish.

One of the most popular lakes in this area is Tso Moriri, which is known worldwide.

When you travel to Himachal Pradesh, you will find plenty of opportunities for fishing and angling. Brown and rainbow trout are plentiful there, so it is a popular destination for locals and tourists.

Brahamputra River is located in the state of Assam is the one of the most popular destinations for fishing in this part of India.
Other rivers you might want to check out are Kapili, Manas and Jia Bhoroli River.


When you move to India with IntlMOVE, make sure you pack all of your fishing gear.

IntlMOVE can ship all of the equipment you have already acquired so you can begin your fishing expeditions as soon as you move overseas.

Some of the fishing gear you will need include, rods, reels, fishing line and hooks.

If you are trying out saltwater fishing for the first time, make sure you bring heavier rods and sturdier reels.

You will need them for the all the large fish you will catch.

IntlMOVE is your solution to moving all of your fishing equipment and household goods to India!


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Monday, August 30th 2010

4:12 PM

IntlMOVE – Moving to New Delhi, India and Transportation

Moving to New Delhi with IntlMOVE LLC will open up doors you never dreamed possible.

You can further your education, your career, your cultural experiences and you can make many new friends.

When you first move to New Delhi, you will want to learn how to get around the city.

You may also need to learn how to travel throughout the country and the world from New Delhi.


IntlMOVE has put together some transportation tips for people who are moving to New Delhi, India.


Public Transportation

When you are in New Delhi and you need to get from point A to point B, there are four different forms of transportation you can take –busses, the metro, taxis and rickshaws.


In New Delhi, there are over 2,000 public busses.

Although these are a very reliable form of transportation, they can be uncomfortable.

The busses are overcrowded and often don’t have air conditioning.

In the hot weather, this can be unbearable.

On a positive note, they are very inexpensive!


The metro system officially opened in 2002, which makes this the newest from of transport in New Delhi, India.

The metro system is very efficient and there are many organizations who say this is the best transit system in Asia.

There are 59 stations around the city that are serviced by three different lines.


Taxis are the most expensive of the three forms of public transportation, but they are also the most comfortable.

It is very easy to find a cab as there are thousands of them servicing the city.

You can either negotiate a fare before a cab ride or you can use the meter.

When taking a taxi, make sure you agree on a price before your trip.

If you feel uncomfortable of if the taxi driver cannot agree on a price with you, take another taxi.


Busses are the most popular form of transportation, followed by taxis and the metro.

There is still one more form of transportation you can utilize when moving to India.

Auto-rickshaws are another way to help you get around your new city.

Yet another way is cycle-rickshaws.

The rickshaws are perfect when you want to travel short distances.



Public transportation is widely encouraged by the New Delhi officials to help alleviate some of the environmental issues and road congestion.

However, many people still rely on their own vehicles for transportation.

IntlMOVE can ship your car to India if you decide you need a car overseas.

Driving can be very intimidating to a foreigner who is not used to the seemingly unstructured road infrastructure, but there are many major highways that will make the trip easier.


Intra-City Transportation

When you need to travel from New Delhi to another city within India, there are a couple options.

One option is driving by car.

Although some people do this, it can be very difficult if you are not familiar the roads and local traffic laws.


You can also take one of the many trains that run throughout India.

When you need to travel long distances, this is a great option if you do not feel like flying or driving.

You have to remember that India is a very large country.

There may be times when driving or trains can take too long.

There is an international airport in New Delhi, which is available if you want to travel throughout India or throughout the world.


When you move to India, you will have many new things to explore.

There are great activities for families and for single people moving to India.

When you are ready to move to New Delhi, India, contact IntlMOVE LLC for all of your international shipping needs.





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Thursday, August 12th 2010

10:58 AM

Moving to Ibiza Spain with IntlMOVE


IntlMOVE can help you with an international move to Ibiza, Spain.

Thousands of people contact IntlMOVE for overseas relocations

IntlMOVE has a team of knowledgeable move consultants who will be there to answer questions every step of the way.

When you are ready to move to Spain, contact IntlMOVE.


IntlMOVE has put together some information on Ibiza so you can get settled in your new home.


Even if you are not moving to Ibiza, this should be a place you want to visit while you are living in Spain.

If you are living in Valencia, Ibiza is only 50 mile boat ride in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza is an autonomous community the third largest of the Balearic Islands.


Things to do in Ibiza

There are a few larger cities in Ibiza including Vila d’Eivissa, Santa Eularia des Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany.

The island is known for its wine and nightlife during the summer.

There are wild parties, clubs and a great nightlife to enjoy.


The tourism boards are working to promote a more family friendly atmosphere.

There are still plenty of things to do if you are moving to Spain with kids.



If you are into the club scene, you will want to check out Café del Mar, Space, Amnesia and Pacha.

The port district has many venues to make your visit to Ibiza exciting.

There are restaurants, clubs and other places to enjoy.



If you want to experience the local culture, make sure you visit Es Cana.

You can buy handmade jewelry, clothes and a number of different things.

There are many different vendors selling a variety of goods and trinkets.



The C’an Marca Caves are over 100,000 years old.

They are located high enough to provide majestic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The caves were once a hiding place for thieves and smugglers who hid their loot in this location.

You will see underground lakes, waterfalls and limestone formations that are too beautiful to describe.

There are amazing stalagmites and stalactites and you will also see a view of the bay at Puerto San Miguel.

The caves are open to the public all year, so you can see them no matter when you visit Ibiza. 


If you love hiking, have IntlMOVE pack your hiking shoes and hiking gear so you will be prepared when you arrive in Ibiza.

El Mirador is the highest peak on the island, so you will have magnificent views of the surrounding sea and islands.


If you are a sun lover, you can check out the village of Sant Carles.

There are beautiful beaches where you can relax and get a little tan.

There is also a beautiful church built in this town that dates back to the 1700s, so you can also learn a little bit about the culture while visiting this village.


Historical and Cultural Sites

Puig Des Molins was deemed a World Heritage Site in 1999.

This necropolis displays graves as far back as the Roman and Phoenician periods.

Thousands of people flock to this site each year because of the culture and historical significance this site represents.


The C’an Rose Ethnological Museum is housed in a restored home.

The museum is located in the village of Santa Eualalia.

Visitors to Ibiza can see what life is like for the locals living in rural areas.

At the museum, you can learn about customs, handcrafts and local traditions.


The oldest village on the island is Puerto San Miguel.

The oldest village is also home to one of the oldest buildings on the island.

There is a beautiful church fortress that was constructed in the 1200s that you won’t want to miss.


When you move to Ibiza or if you are just visiting from another part of Spain, you won’t be disappointed.

Ibiza is a destination hotspot for people around the world!

When your journey in life calls for a move to Spain, call IntlMOVE to help with all of your international shipping.



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Wednesday, August 4th 2010

9:36 AM

IntlMOVE and the Port of Hamburg Germany

IntlMOVE is your first choice in international movers when you are ready to move to Germany.

When you are ready to move to Germany, log onto the IntlMOVE website for your free online international moving quote.

When it’s time to pack up and head to Deutschland, contact IntlMOVE to schedule the packing, shipping and delivery of your household good and personal effects.


The Port of Hamburg is a very important port that is located in Hamburg, Germany.

The Port of Hamburg first opened in May of 1189, so it has quite a history.

Frederick I was the founder of the Port of Hamburg that helped make Germany a dominant European country.

The city became a leading center of trade for Central Europe and still remains an integral international shipping port today.

From the 13th to the 17th century, the Port of Hamburg was the second busiest port in Europe.

During the late 1800s, the Port of Hamburg was a leading hub for passenger and freight travel.

After 1871, it was Germany’s principal trade port.


On October 15, 1888 Hamburg became a free port that allowed international traders to ship and trade goods without going through the hassles of customs.

The relaxed restrictions help facilitate the importance of the Port of Hamburg.


The Speicherstadt was built to house some of the stored goods that increased once the Port of Hamburg became a free port.

The Speicherstadt is an amazing architectural building that has been recognized worldwide.

It is one of the icons that make Hamburg famous.


Between World War I and World War II, the Port of Hamburg lost a lot of ships and in turn lost many of its trading connections.

The division of Germany after WWII also affected the Port of Hamburg’s operations and profitability.

When the reunification of Germany took place in 1990, the Port of Hamburg regained its once prominent position as a major trade center in Europe.


The Port of Hamburg is Germany’s busiest port and the third largest port in Europe.

It is called Germany’s “Gateway to the World.”

The Port of Hamburg is on the river Elbe and is located 110 kilometers from the mouth of the river.

The port is owned and managed by the Hamburg Port Authority.

The total area of the port is 28.57 square miles and the land area is 16.72 square miles.

There are over 10,000 employees that help run the Port of Hamburg.

It takes a lot of hands to run such a busy port.


Annually, the port has over 12,000 vessel arrivals.

The Port of Hamburg handles more than 9.8 million TEUs of goods every year.


In addition to the role the Port of Hamburg plays in international trade, this port is also a very important tourist attraction.

There are many museum ships where you learn about the history of the port, wars and other facts about Germany and the rest of Europe.

There are also theatres located at the port where visitors can indulge in some of Germany’s finest culture.

When you move to Germany with IntlMOVE, you might want to take advantage of the nightlife in Hamburg.

The Port of Hamburg is home to many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy an evening out with your friends.

To top it all off, there is even a floating boat church.


When you move to Germany with IntlMOVE, you will have to visit the Port of Hamburg to see the port in all of its glory.




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Tuesday, August 3rd 2010

7:37 AM

IntlMOVE and Belgium Fun Facts

If you are making in international move to Belgium, contact IntlMOVE for all of your international shipping needs.

IntlMOVE specializes in international moves, so they have detailed knowledge and experience to make an international move successful.

Let IntlMOVE ship your household goods to Belgium so you can get settled in your new home.


Belgium is bordered by France, the Netherlands and the North Sea.

It is located in Western Europe and is famous for its beauty.

When you move to Belgium with IntlMOVE, there will be a lot to learn about your new country.

IntlMOVE has put together some basic information and some fun facts to make your international move to Belgium a smoother transition.


Basic Information about Belgium

Belgium’s currency is the Euro and the official languages are French, Dutch and German.

What language you need to learn depends on which part of the country you are relocating to.

The winters are mild and the summers are generally pretty cool.

Make sure IntlMOVE ships light jackets and sweaters along with your household goods so you can stay warm!

If you will be moving with children, you should know that education is mandatory for all citizens of Belgium up to the age of 18.


Fun Facts and Things to Do in Belgium

You will see some beautiful medieval castles and gothic cathedrals when you move to Belgium because that is what the country is famous for!

Belgium is also famous for its beer, waffles and chocolate.

The world’s first beer academy was opened in Belgium and you can taste over 400 different types of beer when you move to Belgium with IntlMOVE.

The airport in Brussels is famous for selling the most chocolate in the world and the country produces 220,000 tons of chocolate annually.

There are over 2,130 chocolate shops in Belgium.

There are also some historical claims that the French fry might have originated in this country.

If you are a fan of French fries, you will not be served ketchup as a condiment because Belgians eat their French fries with mayonnaise.


The capital of the European Union is in Brussels.

The diamond capital of the world is in Antwerp, Belgium.

Fifty percent of all polished diamonds pass through this Belgian city.


Almost all households have at least one cat or one dog because the people of Belgium are animal lovers.

The country of Belgium has never censored films made for adults.

Durbuy is the smallest town in the world and it is located in Belgium.


You will never go hungry while living in Brussels because there are over 138 restaurants per square mile.

While living in Brussels, you will undoubtedly see the most famous monument of Manneken Pis, which is a sculpture of a young boy urinating.



The Belgian motorway is visible from the moon.

It is actually one of the only man-made structures that are visible from the moon.

Oil paints were created in this European county in the 1400s.

The saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax, who was a Belgian.


Famous People from Belgium

Audrey Hepburn, who is a famous actress, was born in Brussels.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is another famous Hollywood actor who calls Belgium home.

Eddy Merckx, who is a five-time champion of Tour de France was born in this European country.


This is just a start to the many things you will learn when you move to Belgium.

Contact IntlMOVE for any international moves to Belgium or other European countries.



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Tuesday, July 27th 2010

4:21 PM

IntlMOVE- Moving to Australia and Bondi Beach

When you move to Sydney with IntlMOVE, you will be lucky enough to hang out at Bondi Beach.

IntlMOVE specializes in international moves, so your move consultant will be able to help you with questions and concerns.

IntlMOVE has put together some information on the famous beach to prepare you for an experience of a lifetime!


Bondi Beach is not only a name of a very popular beach, but it is also the name of a suburb in the Sydney area.

The suburb is located just over four miles away from the Sydney central business district.

In addition to Bondi Beach, there is Bondi, North Bondi and Bondi Junction that are also suburbs.


The word Bondi comes from a native Aboriginal word that means “noise of water breaking over rocks.”

The actual beach area of Bondi Beach is about 1 kilometer long and remains a popular destination for sunbathers, surfers, locals and tourists.


Bondi Beach History

The original owner of Bondi Beach made the beach area available to the public.

In 1882, the Municipal Council officials make the beach a public reserve making the area officially a public beach.


Throughout most of the 1900s, Bondi Beach was a working class neighborhood.

After World War II, many Jewish immigrants settled in this area.

There are many synagogues, kosher butchers and other places built from the Jewish settlers.


The bikini became popular after World War II, but an ordinance was put into place to preserve the decency of the beach for visitors of Bondi Beach.

Guests coming to the beach even had to have their swimsuits measured to make sure they met the stands set forth by the governing council.

There was a lot of pushback from beachgoers, which is why the beach laws eventually changed.

A new law was put into place in 1961, which gave beachgoers a little more leniency.

By the 1980s, most of the beach became common grounds for topless sunbathers.


Bondi Beach Today

There are very rough areas of the beach, so there are areas that are deemed unsafe for some guests.

There is a famous rip current known as Backpackers’ Express, which tourist often learn about very quickly.

There are yellow and red flags that indicate where there are safe and dangerous swimming areas, so Bondi Beach visitors can remain safe.


To keep beachgoers safe from sharks, there is a shark net placed near the beach during the summer months to reduce shark attacks.

You will also be able to see pods of dolphins and whales that migrate during the summer months, which is always an amazing sight.

No matter how long you live in Australia, you will always stop and stare when you see the pods swim through the waters.  

Fairy penguins are also seen from time to time.


Bondi Beach is very important to the people of Sydney and was listed on the Australian National Heritage List in 2008.

There are many events that take place at this location as well.

The City to Surf run is held annually in August, which is a 14 km run that attracts over 63,000 participants.

Flickerfest is a film festival that takes places in January.

When you move to Sydney with IntlMOVE, you can also take part in World Environment Day in June and Sculpture by the Sea day in November at Bondi Beach.


When visiting Bondi Beach, there is a market that is open every Sunday.

There are also numerous bars, restaurants and shops that are within walking distance of the beach.


When you move to Sydney with IntlMOVE, there are many things to do.

IntlMOVE will help you partake in all the fun beach activities at Bondi Beach by shipping all of your beach gear and surfboards to your new home in Australia.



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Tuesday, July 20th 2010

1:25 PM

Moving to Panama and Zapatilla Cay

When you move to Panama with IntlMOVE, you will get to explore the beauty of this Central American country.

IntlMOVE will help make your move to Panama a worry-free experience.

IntlMOVE specializes in international moves, so you can know you are in good hands with the professional international movers.


Zapatilla Cay is actually two small islands, which are referred to as Zapatilla Cay North and Cayo Zapatilla Cay South.

The islands are home to swamps, forests, coral reefs, beautiful beaches and hundreds of species of fish.


You can reach this tropical paradise by taking a 90-minute boat ride through Bastimentos National Marine Park.

There are full day tours that depart on a daily basis from Bocas del Toro.


Panama’s National Environmental Authority (ANAM) manages Zapatilla Cay and the livelihood of the wildlife that have made these landmasses their home.

Zapatilla Cay is a refuge for many marine turtles.

Government agencies manage the safety of the turtles on this beach.

There are leatherback turtles and hawksbill turtles that lay their eggs on these beaches.


For a small fee, you can camp on these islands and experience the wonder of nature.

Residents of Panama pay a much smaller fee than guests visiting the country.

There are beautiful coral reefs off the islands that are located in shallow waters.

You can go snorkeling and see some of the most beautiful tropical fish and marine wildlife.

If you are certified in diving, you can go down 20 feet to see the underwater world up close.

There are lobsters, snappers, angel fish, groupers, crabs and many other tropical fish that live in and around the coral.


If you just want a relaxing day on the beach, Zapatilla Cay is a perfect place to sunbathe and enjoy the warm waters of Panama.

There is a natural trail you can take to see beautiful surroundings on the island.

You will make your way through the mangrove swamp and other areas that are widely untouched.

While on the trail you will reach a very old house that is said to have been built by pirates.

There are tropical fruit trees and even a water hole on this scenic hike.

As you continue down the trail, you will reach Windward Beach, a swamp and you will even get to explore a forest with plants native to Central America.

The trail also leads to a coconut plantation, which is owned by the Ngöbe-Buglé Indians.

You will make your way back around to the ANAM area, where you can settle down and enjoy the beach.


On the way home from the tour, you can stop at Coral Cay for lunch and enjoy some delicious Central American foods, which include some of the most delicious seafood.

There are restaurants located here that are built on stilts and give you a one-of-a-kind open air experience.


When you move to Panama, you will begin an once-in-a-lifetime journey that will take you to beautiful places you never imagined possible.

IntlMOVE can help you make this dream a reality.

IntlMOVE will ship your household goods and furniture to Panama to help you enjoy your new country and your new home.

When you move to Panama with IntlMOVE, you can enjoy the tropical weather and Zapatilla Cay.


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